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Advanced Machine & Engineering
About Advanced Machine & Engineering

Advanced Machine & Engineering Company has been a supplier of precision machine components in North America for 40 years and is recognized for providing quality products. Principle product groups and services include:

Fixturing/Workholding: Amflex/S.A.F.E. modular workholding, Amrok tombstones and grid plates including dedicated tombstones, Triag modular clamps and jigs.

Spindle Interface: Ott-Jakob power drawbars, Schuessler HSK tool holders, spindle interface products and services including spindle shaft repair.

Fluid Power: Amlok hydraulic and pneumatic rod locks, Advanced Locking Cylinders and Sitema gravity fall protection safety catchers.

Machine Components: Spieth precision locknuts, clamping sleeves, guide bushings, Ambush squeeze bushings, Amdisk clamping disks and rings, ODU electrical connectors, Tschudin & Heid linear roller bearings, Ott worm gears and Excel precision gears.

Saw Machines & Blades: Amsaw Circular carbide metal cutting saw machines and Speedcut saw blades. Services include machine rebuilding, machine design and build and contract machining and manufacturing.

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