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Castell Interlocks Inc, innovator of trapped key interlocking products designed to prevent accidents caused by human error introduces a new Dock Safety Interlock Product.

Salvo is a cost effective solution for enforcing the current FMCSA/OSHA requirement to set the brakes of a commercial vehicle prior to a powered industrial truck entering the trailer. Wheel chocking of commercial vehicles are not required with Salvo under current regulations. Visit our website at

Salvo's trapped key interlocking technology locks out the trailer brakes and interlocks the trailer with the loading dock door to prevent accidents associated with unscheduled truck departure. The Salvo interlock System guarantees the process" you put in place is followed before a truck can be loaded or unloaded. Unlike other dock safety products Salvo stops the driver before they pull away. This process protects the driver, your dock attendant, and your company.

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