Cat Pumps-High Pressure Pumps & Systems

Cat Pumps-High Pressure Pumps & Systems
About Cat Pumps-High Pressure Pumps & Systems

Since 1968 CAT PUMPS has provided cost effective high pressure pumping solutions. Our high quality, energy-efficient, low-maintenance triplex, positive displacement piston and plunger pumps provide low cost of ownership and a high return on your investment. Our pumps have liquid-end construction in brass, 316SS, 316L and Duplex SS. Special flushed pumps provide cooling for high temp liquids and added lubrication for low lubricity liquids such as CO2.

Single pumps up to 240 GPM and pressures up to 10,000 PSI or custom skid-mounted pump systems are available for a divers list of applications:

Reverse osmosis-desalination
Chemical injection
Secondary recovery
Foam firefighting systems
Hydrostatic testing ? BOP
In-plant cleaning
Jetting ? hydro blasting
Wet suppression ? evaporative cooling
Crude oil transfer
Equipment wash down
Truck mount carpet cleaning
Car and truck wash

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