¾-inch aluminum diaphragm pumps


Versa-Matic Pump® Inc., a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps and accessories, introduced today its new line of E7 ¾-inch aluminum diaphragm pumps. With a port size of 0.75 inches and leak-free, bolted construction, the E7 pump is ideal for use in lubrication, tire filling, adhesive dispensing, OEM systems and many industrial applications. Like other Versa-Matic pumps, the E7 pump features the exclusive Elima-Matic® air valve system, which ensures non-stalling, non-icing, lube-free operation. The Elima-Matic technology also includes a shoe-valve design that prevents blow-by when the pump is online, but not in use. The E7 ¾-inch pump line shares standardized parts that fit the popular Versa-Matic E5 ½-inch pump line for easy inventory management. E7 pumps are available in models that can be grounded and with either metallic or non-metallic air sections.


• English Metric • Flow Rate • adjustable to 0-14 gpm 0-53 lpm • Port Size • Inlet 0.75" NPT • Discharge 0.75" NPT • Air Inlet 0.375" NPT • Air Exhaust 0.375" NPT • Suction Lift • 15' Dry/25' Wet (6.096m/7.62m) • PTFE: 5' Dry/10' Wet (1.52/3.048m) • Max. Particle Size • (Diameter) 0.0625" 1.6mm • Shipping Weights • Aluminum 15 lbs 6.8 kg
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