1-10™ Tool System


Kennametal engineers have developed the Mill 1-10™ tooling platform that performs all common machining applications such as face milling, shoulder milling, pocketing, slotting, interpolating, and ramping for steels, aluminum, or exotics, all with one common insert style.
The Mill 1-10 tooling platform accomplishes this through the use of multifunctional cutter bodies and premium First Choice inserts that consist of different grades and edge preps for various work materials, but utilize the same cutting geometry and size.  
Cutter bodies come in straight flute and helical flute styles.  End mills are available with integral cylindrical shanks in three lengths, Weldon shanks, or as a screw-on style head. They also are available as a shell mill.  Helical cutter bodies use the successful Load Optimized Insert Spacing (LOIS) pattern developed by Kennametal that reduces cutting load variation by 75%.  
The innovative inserts are one size and are designed with six geometries.  They feature a super positive cutting rake for freer cutting and an integrated wiper facet for superior floor surfaces.  Various nose radii (.01” to .12”) accommodate all machining needs.  Exclusive First Choice grades and edge prep take the guesswork out of what insert to use when machining titanium, austenitic stainless steel, roughing or finishing aluminum, heavy roughing in all materials, and finishing in all materials. Also available is the FR geometry (PCD) for machining aluminum.
The new Mill-10 end mill bodies are available with straight flutes in sizes ranging from .50” to 1.25” and helical flutes in sizes ranging from .75” to 1.25”.  Straight flute shell mills come in sizes ranging from 1.5” to 4.0” and helical flute shell mills come in sizes ranging from 1.5” to 2.0”.

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