THE NEW MIT400 SERIES OF 1-kV INSULATION AND CONTINUITY TESTERS FOR GENERAL ELECTRICAL, TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND SPECIALTY APPLICATIONS Megger introduces a family of eight insulation testers that meet the most stringent requirements for installation, maintenance, service and repair in the electrical, power and telecommunications industries. The units conform to IEC1010-2 for Category IV 600V applications. The instruments feature Megger’s patented dual digital and analog arc displays showing both measurement result and the actual test voltage being delivered simultaneously. The new MIT400 Series offer test voltages from 10 to 1000 V, and includes a special user-selectable 10 V to 100 V in 1 V increments tester for low voltage insulation testing requirements. The units include an exceptional insulation resistance measurement range that extends from 20 Gigohms to 200 Gigohms, with the option to display the insulation test voltage or leakage current on the secondary display. Measurement of cable distance by capacitance is featured on two of the units, providing a convenient cable length test. Timed insulation testing for PI and DAR testing is available on certain models. A 200 mA continuity measurement is available with a 0.01-ohm resolution for fast accurate cable resistance measurement. This can be set to 20 mA where conformity to electrical testing regulations is not required, extending battery life. TRMS voltage measurement allows accurate measurement on noisy lines providing a wide range of measurement applications. The top-of-the-range models include data storage and download capability. The user can now carry a single instrument to the test site rather than multiple instruments. A free calibration certificate is included with each unit, greatly reducing costly instrument adjustments. The instruments are sealed to IP54 providing a weatherproof case to lessen the chance of water ingress.


• CATIV 600V applications • Insulation testing to 1000V and to 200GΩ • TRMS & DC Voltage measurement • Continuity testing at 200mA down to 0.01Ω • Analogue and dual digital display • Insulation & continuity limit alarms • PI/DAR and Timer function • Test result storage • Bluetooth wireless data transfer • Free calibration certificate included
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