10-mm Diameter Brushless Motor


The new Maxon “EC-10” brushless motor delivers the performance and lifetime of a brushless motor in a very compact package. The motors are electronically commutated, thus enabling extremely long motor life, since there are simply no mechanical brushes to wear out. The motors are available with or without Hall effect sensors. By assembling the motor such that the coils are outside the rotor, good heat dissipation and high overload capability is attained. At just 10 mm in diameter, (0.39 in) and 25.6 mm in length, (1 in), the EC10 weighs in at a mere 15 g (0.53 oz). Continuous output power is 8 watts, while maximum speed is an impressive 80,000 RPM. Ambient temperature range is -40 to 100 deg C (-40 to 212 deg F). Utilizing high-energy neodymium magnets results in a very responsive mechanical time constant of 3.5 ms, while minimizing overall size. Using electronic commutation allows for minimum electrical noise. Motors are offered with several different windings to optimize desired speed with available voltage. Control electronics are also available to complement the motors. Due to their high performance and long lifetime, Maxon’s EC-10 motors are well suited for a variety of applications including air sampling devices, robotics, optical applications, bio-medical devices, pick and place machines, pumps, and automation.

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