16-Ton Pneumatic Press Packs Power into Small Footprint


A new compact, 16-ton pneumatic toggle press that adapts to many applications including assembling bearings and bushings, punching, bending, and forming is being introduced by AIM Joraco of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

The Toggle-Aire® 16-Ton Pneumatic Press is a benchtop unit that employs a mechanical advantage to create increasing ram forces as it completes its 1.5” stroke; with 0.001” accuracy and repeatability. Compact and easy to operate, this press is a cost-effective alternative to a hydraulic press
in applications where high ram forces up to 36,960 lbs. are required.

Featuring a 10” x 18” footprint and 4.75” deep throat, the Toggle-Aire®
16-Ton Pneumatic Press accommodates a wide variety of tooling, operates on 80-100 psi air, and only consumes 0.91 CF @80 psi. This low-maintenance press has a one-shot lubrication system, Syncro-sig™ anti-tie down actuators, and an adjustable shut height.

The Toggle-Aire® 16-Ton Pneumatic Press is priced from $9,199.00 with two week delivery, and a full 60 month warranty in honor of the firm’s 60th anniversary in business.


• Stroke 4” with 1/2" power stroke Standard - custom strokes inquire • Open Height 8” custom heights inquire. • Throat Depth 5.5” custom depths inquire.
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