19 inch Rugged Cabinet Enclosures for Mobile Applications


Tucker Georgia, July 17, 2006 - Optima EPS, an Elma Company, has announced a new M2 Series cabinet enclosure for mobile applications. The enclosure was designed to optimally balance a lightweight and rugged design.

The new modular M-series cabinet enclosure is available in 52"-77" heights, depths up to 42", and is configurable in multi-bay systems. The aluminum frame construction is lightweight yet highly rugged. The enclosure has been tested to MIL-STD-810F for a deployed transportation environment.
The M-series offers various levels of ruggedability, depending on the application. Heavy duty single or double walled extrusions, internal reinforcing corner keys, four way crimped and welded corner sockets and corner members provide a tough and reliable enclosure environment. Further, rugged front to back stiffeners and cross bracing and optional 7 gauges welded steel base, extra thick gage rails and ceiling or wall bracing provide even more security. The bolt-down base allows universal hard mounting to the floor.

Highly customizable, the M-series' modular design reduces installation, upgrade and service time. Customers can choose from a wide range of industry standard sizes, cabling, cooling and power options. The cabinets also are available in a large selection of contemporary color choices or optional custom color matching. The space-saving front and rear doors open from the center, allowing access to the cabinet in confined spaces. This also allows the doors to be fully open without interfering with the doors in an adjacent cabinet.

Other electronic cabinet lines from Optima include a product mix of EMC, Seismic, Mil/Aero, Co-location, and Server cabinets. Lead-time is 2 weeks ARO.


* Heavy duty single or double walled extrusions * Internal reinforcing corner keys, four way crimped and welded * Corner sockets and corner members welded to meet: ANSI 329, Bellcore TR-63 * Rugged front to back stiffeners and cross bracing * 7 gauge welded steel base with 11 gage rails (10 gage rails optional) * Universal hard mounting to floor - bolt down base (ceiling or wall bracing optional) * Vibration resistant hardware * Standard Sizes (customs available on request) o Widths: 19”, 23” o Heights: 40U, 44U o Depths: 30”, 36” * Independent, removable side, top panel, bottom panel and doors * Integrated cable management, power conditioning and cooling options
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