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JAI today announced the release of the AD-080CL – a unique yet very competitively priced 2-CCD camera capable of simultaneously measuring visible and near-infrared light spectrums through a single lens using two channels.

Multi-spectral imaging provides important benefits in many machine vision applications, but traditional two-camera solutions have remained costly and difficult to deploy. These obstacles have now been rolled aside with the launch of a single-lens 2-CCD camera that provides simultaneous images of both visible and near-infrared (NIR) light spectrums: the new AD-080CL from JAI.

The technology behind the breakthrough is a unique manufacturing process developed by JAI, enabling high-precision bonding of image sensors onto the customized prism optics. This delivers a robust yet highly cost-efficient 2-CCD solution, which allows JAI to offer the AD-080CL camera at a very competitive price.

The visible and NIR spectral bands are fully separated by the prism's diachronic coatings, resulting in true multi-spectral information from each channel. The separation wavelength is 760 nm. The two images are aligned within a quarter pixel (unachievable with two separate cameras) and the alignment remains stable throughout the camera's lifetime.

Easy to set up and practical to use, the AD-080CL is designed for applications where both surface and below-surface imaging deliver critical information. A prime example is fruit and vegetable inspection: ripeness is checked on the surface via the visible spectrum channel, while bruising, decay, or pest damage hidden below the surface is revealed by the NIR channel.

The AD-080 CL is also useful for blister pack or other plastic film containers, where the visible channel allows inspection of the print on the surface and the NIR channel allows inspection of the contents. Other important applications include print inspection of banknotes, passports and tickets, electronics inspection, and the surface inspection of textiles, wood and metal.

To bring inspection capability to previously inaccessible places on the processing line, the AD-080CL features a 1/3” prism that allows for a small camera housing of 55 x 55 x 80 mm (H x W x L).

The AD-080CL features 1024 (h) x 768 (v) pixels and can be configured for triggered or continuous operation at up to 30 fps. For the best imaging results, the camera features standard C-mount lenses, giving a higher degree of lens flexibility and further reducing production costs.

Separate exposure times for each channel allow mutual adjustment without changes in gain, maintaining a consistent signal-to-noise ratio at all times. The camera integrates seamlessly with the CameraLink™ interface. A model with GigE Vision™ interface is scheduled for launch in the near future.

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