ThinGap LLC, the leader in high power density DC motors, today announced the TGB2013 brush motor that delivers extremely high shaft output power from a very small package. The high power-to-size ratio and long-lasting brush life of the TGB 2013 motor provides a superior solution for hand-held and battery-powered devices and machines.

“The TGB 2013 brush motor is prime example of the benefits of ThinGap’s innovative ironless-core motor technology,” said Rean Pretorius, CEO, ThinGap LLC.  “We are providing cutting-edge solutions for battery-powered applications requiring high power density coupled with extended life.”

The small package – 2.0” diameter by 3.87” long – weighs only 34 oz.  It delivers 400 watts (0.5 HP) of continuous shaft power with a maximum efficiency of 86%.  At 18-volts the motor runs at 13,400 rpm producing 40 oz-in of torque while drawing 26 amps.  The linearity between torque and current allows a very high peak torque of 240 oz-in.  The low inductance architecture of the motor permits faster current reversal at the commutation point, which reduces brush arcing and drastically improves brush life expectancy.
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