2-Dimensional Profiling Laser Sensor


Model ZG 2-dimensional profiling laser sensor completes a full height and width inspection to capture entire shapes by measuring the X and Z axis in a single pass in milliseconds. The sensor measures up to four items simultaneously allowing accurate and stable in-line measurement at full production speed. A real-time profile display on the controller's built-in LCD monitor and simple setup enable the ZG sensor to both reduce hardware costs and deliver profile data at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market. A range of sensing heads capture profiles from 3 to 70 mm wide using a visible laser. Using remote triggering, the sensor can calculate the measurement value in sync with the command input to so that inspection timing is clearly known and determinate.

From light emission to CCD detection, everything is digital and optimized by patent pending technologies such as the multi-sensitivity function that fills in gaps where laser light is reflected away from the detector. With guided setup menus and 18 built-in measuring tools, the ZG is ready to inspect in just 3 steps. It can be configured to gauge height, 2-point step, 3-point step, edge position, edge width, angle and area, and perform comparative calculations between measurements. The target profile is displayed as soon as power is turned on; select the measuring tool icon; then enclose the range for measurement in a box. The ZG automatically optimizes the sensing conditions.

Omron's ZG is available with four sensing heads that deliver +/-0.5% full scale linearity for height. Diffuse reflective sensing heads provide 8 mm wide inspection at 50 +/-3 mm height with 1 micron resolution; 22 mm wide inspection at 100 +/-12 mm height with 3 micron resolution; and 70 mm wide inspection at 210 +/-30 mm height with 10 micron resolution. Regular reflective sensing head offers 3 mm wide inspection at 20 +/-0.5 mm height with 0.2 micron resolution. The business card-size amplifier with built-in, 1.8-inch TFT color LCD display (557 x 234 pixels) is available as NPN or PNP output models, with selectable voltage and current analog outputs. Using optional Smart Monitor ZG Setup Support Software, intricate profiles that cannot be sufficiently checked on the controller's LCD monitor can be displayed and checked on the large screen of a personal computer.
The ZG sensor is ideal for automotive applications such as inspecting the quality and contour of body welds, positioning of body components, inspecting engine and drive train parts and checking engine seal integrity. Electronics applications include inspecting soldered joints on PC boards and measurement of connector pin configuration. The ZG sensor system is currently available from stock starting at $12,450 for a sensing head and amplifier.
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