2-Phase Stepper Motor Driver Designed for Powerhouse Motion Control Applications


CE-Rated IMS201 2-Phase Stepper Motor Driver, designed in-house by Nyden, promises to offer engineers and machine-builders of various design backgrounds an express pathway to quickly building the most advanced machinery systems, such as: robotics, lighting equipment, medical systems, semiconductor apparatuses, aerospace tools, automation machines, and packaging equipment. One of the goals in the development of the IMS201 Stepper Driver as an intelligent pulse-generating device is to help make automated machines move more smartly, with key running protocols being controlled (or programmed) from the user’s home-base navigational menu. Designed to be used with a smart controller interface for overall open connectivity, the new bipolar chopper driver easily allows machine builders to become creative and harvest more innovative ideas when designing an assortment of critical continuous-moving automated systems. Because of the system’s modular makeup and an architectural inclusion of key functions on the central operating base, initial hookup of the IMS201 Driver to a host stepper motor, controller and other external hardware contraption is a quick and uncomplicated process; hence, another purpose of Nyden designing such a straightforward and inexpensive driver is to draw-in a wider range of eclectic designers and have them firsthand experience the latest technological breakthrough pertaining to today’s motion control systems of the stepper variety. Operated from a standard 24 Vdc power supply, the IMS201 is lightweight at only 56-grams and compact at 81 x 51 x 24 mm, yet it offers designers a slew of highly functional features, such as basic signal input/output options for versatile driving profiles and a high-resolution speed selection of 1, _, _ and 1/8 stepping rates, allowing user to choose running the system at 200, 400, 800 or 1,600 steps-per-revolution. Reaching a highly-precise step-angle movement is achieved by employing the system’s micro-setting function (selectable by two onboard jumpers). The driver also has the adaptability to reach an impressive 2.0 Amps/Phase with an adjustable driving current via an onboard variable resistor (VR1). This means that the IMS201 can easily drive all industry-standard 2-Phase and 4-Phase Stepper Motors rated up to 2.0A per phase. Additional features include: Clock/CW & Direction/CCW inputs, an Excitation Home Signal (MONI), power protection circuitry, power LED operating home base, over-current protection and additional channel controls to guide the direction and motor speed.
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