2010 Equipment Catalog with New Look and an Online Fast-Flip eBook Version


 Lincoln Electric has introduced its new 2010 Equipment Catalog with a new look and feel, as well as an online Fast-Flip eBook version that is accessible on Lincoln's website. This online catalog features intuitive, book-like navigation, making Lincoln's entire product line more easily accessible.

With its fresh new appearance and easy navigation, the catalog displays all of Lincoln Electric's key products, including the 108 new products and accessories introduced over the last year to help its customers reduce costs, increase quality and improve productivity.

The new catalog showcases the company's wide selection of power sources, welding consumables, accessories, automated solutions and environmental systems, including these new products:

Equipment and Accessories                                        
Viking(TM) helmets                                        
Big Red(TM) 500                                              
Panther(TM) and Cougar(TM) Guns                
Power Wave(R) AC/DC 1000(R) SD                          
MAXsa(TM) wire drives and controllers

Accu-Pak(R) box and stem packages
Pipeliner(R) low alloy stick electrodes
Excalibur(R) stainless flux-cored wires
Submerged arc wires and fluxes

Automated Solutions
eCell(TM) LR
System 15

Environmental Systems
Mobiflex(R) 100-NF
Modular extraction hood
Statiflex(R) 200 M
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