2200 Series Common Drive Option


Dorner's 2200 Series conveyor with Precision Move technology now comes with a Common Drive option to power multiple conveyors in a fixed position from a single drive motor. The 2200 Series Precision Move Common Drive option gives customers flexibility in specifying multiple conveyors with different lengths and widths, but operate them as one unit efficiently with a single drive motor. The spacing between the conveyors, however, is non adjustable to provide a guaranteed exact location of product movement for those applications such as automation, assembly, robotic, packaging, visual inspection and sortation.   The Common Drive is located at the end of the conveyor, and can easily interface with other equipment. The 2200 Series' cog belting provides exact speed match from conveyor to conveyor, making the moving of parts accurate and precise. Dorner's Precision Move technology represents the latest advancements in timing belts and drive technology for those applications that call for extremely accurate movement of product at specific times, distances and intervals.  

 Features of the Precision Move Common Drive conveyor include: 

  • Available in flat belt and cleated belt end drive 
  • Maximum total width of conveyor package - 48"  
  • Minimum width between conveyors - 2.65" edge of belt to edge of belt 
  • Maximum overall torque capacity - 100 in-lbs thru coupling 
  • Compatible with all standard load mount packages 


  •  flat belt and cleated belt end drive
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