230/460 VAC Inverter Duty Gearmotors and Motors


Bodine Electric Company added over twenty new 230/460 VAC, variable speed, three-phase gearmotors and motors to their Pacesetter™ product line. These new models are ideal for factories where various power supply options are present. They provide a wide range of torque, speed, and horsepower to fit a wide variety of applications such as conveyor systems, packaging machines, and factory automation. These highly efficient, variable speed AC motors can help to reduce power consumption and lower production costs. The 34R and 42R frame motors are now available with dual voltage windings and inverter duty ratings. When operated with an AC speed control (inverter), these motors have a speed range from 120-3,650 rpm; maximum torque of up to 281 oz-in. (2 Nm) and are rated from 1/4 to 3/8 HP. They can be matched with Bodine’s three most popular gearheads, the type E, F and 5N. The type E and F are both parallel shaft designs, with gear ratios from 5:1 to 300:1; their torque is rated from 25 to 341 lb-in. (up to 39 Nm), and power is rated up to 3/8 HP (280 W). The type 5N right-angle gearhead has gear ratios from 5:1 to 75:1. It provides a torque range between 54 and 116 lb-in. (up to 13 Nm) and up to 3/8 HP (280 W) power. Larger type 48R dual voltage motors and gearmotors are already available up to 3/4 HP (560 W).

All Bodine Pacesetter inverter duty AC motors and gearmotors feature Bodine’s Quintsulation™ 5-stage insulation system, which meets NEMA MG 1-1993, Section IV, Part 31. This insulation protects the motor from potential spikes or corona damage caused by the inverter. Pacesetter gearmotors are UL or CSA recognized for construction, cURus or CSA/UR marked, and in compliance with the Low Voltage Directive "CE”, and RoHS compliant.

According to Bodine’s regional sales manager, Dan Orr, “Many manufacturing plants and industrial buildings use 460 VAC power. These new models will bring the performance of Bodine’s lower voltage PACESETTER™ products to the factory floor, and they are more compatible with higher power 460 V inverters (adjustable speed drives).”

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