Technifor announces CN 110p Micro-Percussion™ indent marking unit is now 2D compatible for machine-readable codes such as Data Matrix. In addition, the self-contained marking unit uses less space and requires no extra integration costs such as mounting of a separate controller, cabinet and complex wiring tasks. The CN110p, designed for industrial automated applications incorporates a marking head, display screen and control electronics. The unit features I/O interface capabilities and marking software for rapid marking of serial numbers, part numbers, batch ID and date codes in high volume or semi-automatic workstations. The integrated marking software permits independent operation, and the built-in screen simplifies viewing and programming right on the production line providing faster more economical operation. The software capabilities include creation/modification/back-up of user marking programs, calculations of date and time, shift code, serials numbers, linear, angular, radial, inclined, inverted and mirrored marking as well as accommodating downloading tasks such as fonts and logos. User programming is made easy with several data entry options: external keyboard, PC with Windows® software, production line control via RS232 and RS485 connection, and held bar code reader. The CN110p performs at marking speeds up to 4 characters per second in a 60 x 40 mm marking area.
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