3/8 in. Tie Boss--World's Easiest Tie Down!


Simply attach hooks and pull rope to lift up or tie down up to 275 lb.load. Tie Boss is engineered to lock and release with one hand and has no moving parts to jam or rust. Rope maintains constant tension without slipping or snapping back. Max load = 275 lb. The secret to Tie Boss’s ease of use is the patented serrated jam cleat – operates similar to a Venetian blind. Simply attach hooks and pull rope to lift up or tie down almost any load – quickly and safely!
- 3/8" self-locking-and-releasing tie-down mechanism.
- 10 ft 3/8" polypropylene rope
- 2 removable hooks

Also available is the 1/4 in. Tie Boss, which is rated for up to 150 lb
- 1/4" self-locking-and-releasing tie-down mechanism.
- 8 ft 1/4" polypropylene rope
- 2 removable hooks

Both Tie Boss products feature:
• One product to tie down or lift up   
• One hand operation   
• Instant lock and release   
• No moving parts to break or jam   
• No need to remove gloves or mitts to lock or release   
• Maintains tension without slipping   
• Operate from the ground without ladders  


• Maximum load limit: 275 lbs • 10 feet of solid braid, polypropylene rope • 2 durable hooks
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