3 Finger Gripper


With more than 225mm of radial stroke, wide part range is no problem for the PZH-SF 3 finger gripper.  The new SCHUNK PZH-SF gripper is unique in application.  Part to part change over can be eliminated increasing up-time and change over complexity.

Robotic loading of machine tools, handling of cast parts has never been simpler than with this innovative gripper.  With 2350N(530lbf), this 20Kg(45lb) gripper handles large challenging work pieces.  The 350mm aluminum body affords a power density equal to double the gripper’s mass. 

Handling parts between 100 and 430mm in a single standard configuration, monitored with magnetic or inductive sensors, SCHUNK remains the leading innovator in gripping technology. 


  • 225mm of radial stroke
  • handles large challenging work pieces
  • monitored with magnetic or inductive sensors
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