3-Phase Power Supply


The new, three-phase power supply from IDEC, PS5R-TJ24, is a welcome addition to the already popular and powerful PS5 series of switching power supplies. Featuring some of the industry’s best ratings for ripple voltage and operating temperature, the PS5R-TJ24 is well-suited for applications in harsh environments. The IDEC PS5R-TJ24 power supply operates on both 2- or 3-phase voltage, and features a 480W output, making it versatile enough to be used in many applications. 

Providing a steady and balanced power source with a 91% efficiency level and output ratings of 20A @24V DC, the PS5R-TJ24 is also parallel-capable for increased power or redundancy. Typical markets and applications for PS5R-TJ24 include machine tools, hydraulic presses, waste water treatment plants, and any plant or machine operating on 3-phase power, where safe and reliable power is required for electronic devices such as sensors, PLCs, HMI, etc. The high output rating provides sufficient energy to operate multiple components from a single power supply. PS5R-TJ24 conforms to all global standards, is IP20 rated,   UL 508 listed and UL 60950-1 recognized.


  • for applications in harsh environment
  • operates on both 2- or 3-phase voltage
  • 480W output
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