3-Position Heater Addresses Safety and Energy-cost Concerns


Toasty Toes from www.indus-tool.com provides thermostatically-controlled heat to feet and legs. Some have called it a “heating pad for your feet”. Three positions for convenience: mat, ergonomic footrest, and vertical heat panel. Compact, portable Toasty Toes measures 12” x 18” x (maximum) 5”, weighs 5 pounds, draws 90 watts and 0.8 amps and is ETL-listed. Its handy dial provides easy control, and the 6’ cord plugs into any 110v outlet.

Addresses Safety Concerns:
  • no space-heater-related hazards like fires, burns, explosions, indoor air pollution or carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Toasty Toes can be used anywhere, whereas space heaters have restrictions on building type and height, plus restrictions on use on carpet
Addresses Energy-Cost and Efficiency Concerns (compared to a space heater):
  • low wattage means low electricity use
  • no tripped circuit breakers
At work, warm legs and feet promote productivity, eliminating the distractions and complaints of cold temperatures: use at a desk, conference room, lunch room or bathroom, shipping table, security or ticket booth, repair shop, airplane hangar, drive-thru window, barn, production line, refrigerated work areas.

At home, warm extremities are beneficial to older adults, athletes, arthritis-sufferers and more, as heat lessens pain and stiffness, relaxes muscles, and improves circulation and metabolism: use in a study, workbench, basement, garage, porch, sewing/craft room – wherever seated or standing for a long period of time.

Toasty Toes is perfect in cold or drafty areas, but also in warm climates with air-conditioning. Distributors are welcome.


• 12" x 18" x (maximum) 5" • 5 lbs., 90 watts, 0.8 amps
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