30-Channel PCI-Bus Mechatrolink-II Interface Controller Card


Soaring through all borders of the 21st Century Motion Control Technology forefront, Nyden Corporation (a subsidiary of Mycom, Incorporated) today announced the availability of its latest solid-state addition to the global trade’s line of highly-developed Mechatrolink Controllers for the highly popular Motion Control marketplace. The newly unveiled MLH20-1030 Mechatrolink-II Interface Controller Card is designed to cleverly execute an assortment of critical motion profiles at an ultra high-speed of 10 Mbps and deliver optimal accuracy with its Motion Field Network capability engineered scientifically to control industry-standard Stepper and Servo Motors of various NEMA sizes.

Rounding off an impressive line of cost-effective Motion Control Mechatrolink-I and Mechatrolink-II Systems created to offer worldwide engineers of all design levels with the highest performance possible in today’s motion field network technology, Nyden’s new MLH20-1030 Mechatrolink-II Controller Card is the direct result of the company’s success of having designed a comprehensive collection of 5-Phase Mechatrolink-II Stepper Motor and Driver systems earlier this year. Now made for immediate delivery, this next-generation controller card was originally designed for a small number of popular OEM companies to provide innovative new ideas for engineers looking to build the latest high-technological automation equipment with a full range of interoperability. Targeted customers to benefit from using Nyden’s new MLH20-1030 system include manufacturers of automated machineries, material handling equipment, medical device tools, semiconductor systems, robotics, aerospace-related apparatuses, magnetic media deposition equipment, optical equipment, systems for processing silicon wafers, product/liquid processing devices, and food-related processing systems.

Nyden’s 1-channel PCI-Bus Interface Controller Card is designed to grant users with as much design flexibility as possible, and provides highly reliable communication features. By managing 30 programmable control channels from a slave station with on an onboard communication IC, also designed by Nyden, users are able to operate a slew of motion parameters for the high-torque and high-resolution operating performance of a Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, or other I/O Network Actuator System. The card can be used to control a range of microstepping-critical machine movements. Obtaining real-time data and programming the controller are quick and straightforward with the card’s flexible system configuration, simplified setup and easy-hookup execution procedure. Furthermore, the user is able to easily connect the number of systems he requires, and can add any Mechatrolink-compatible I/O module to fulfill his equipment design. The elimination of analog conversions also benefits users, and enables transmission field network precision and synchronization when responding with an attached Stepper or Servo System.

Additional features of the newly designed MLH20-1030 Controller system includes: Two Inputs (Start and Emergency Stop), an Output Interface with Photo Coupler Input and Output Circuitry, a Memory Space that possesses 256 bytes at 100H, a Bus Logic Power Source below DC + 5V ± 5% 1.0A, and a Sensor I/F Power Source of DC+24V (from outside supply) below 0.1A. The system is lightweight at just 55g, with a base plate external size of 64 mm (H), 120 mm (W) and 20 mm (D).

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