RENCO ENCODERS INC. of Goleta, CA, introduces a 3.3 Volt feature for the RCML15. The RCML15 is compact optical encoder that provides signals for brushless motor commutation as well as incremental position feedback in a low profile (.350” height) optical encoder. A custom LED and CMOS sensor arrangement reduces cost while improving performance and reliability of the encoder package. Encoder frequency response reaches 500 KHz. Supply voltage is +3.3 VDC +/- 10% Max Ripple, 40mv pk-pk. The RCML15 features RENCO’s patented slide/gap mechanism for ease of installation and maximum performance, and ± 20° rotation of the encoder to align the commutation signals with the motor poles. The RCML15 is available in a wide selection of resolutions up to 4096 and provides commutation for 4, 6, 8 and 10 pole brushless motors. The RCML15 meets all requirements in NEMA’s ICS-16 standard.


• OperatingTemp -30°to100°C • ExcursionLimits: • StorageTemp -40°to115°C • Shock 100G’sfor6mSduration • Vibration 25to2000Hz@20G’s • Humidity 85%/85°Cnon-condensing • IPRating IP40 • MomentofInertia 0.89g-cm2 [1.26x10-5 ozinsec2 • Weight 15encoderswithtray=11oz. • BaseMaterial Glass  lled PPS • CoverMaterial Glass  lled polycarbonate • DiscMaterial Metal0.05THKTYP • HubMaterial Aluminum • ShaftMaxEndPlay ±0.254mm[±0.010] • ShaftRunOut 0.025mm[.001”]TIR • MountingHardware 2each#2-56x3/8”screws. • Signals Incrementalplusoptionalcommutation • InputVoltage 3.3VDC±10%or5.0VDC±10%SingleSupply • Current 55mAMaxwith2000OhmTermination@nominalvoltage±10% • OutputFormat A/Binphasequadrature.INDEXwidth&locationgatedwithrespecttodata • OutputType PP=SourceorSink4mAMax. • OutputLogicLevels Logic0=0.5VMax,Logic1=2.5VMin.(2.2VMinfor3.3Vsupply) • OperatingFrequency To500KHz • LineCount 100,200,250,256,400,500,512,625,800,1000,1024,1250,2000,2048,2500,4000, • 4096,5000 • Commutation 0,2,3,4 • IndexGating 1=IndexGatedwithA&B,Indexwidth90°±45° • 6=IndexGatedwithA-&B-,Indexwidth90°±45° • 7=CenteredonA&B,Indexwidth270°±45° • 8=CenteredonA-&B-,Indexwidth270°±45°
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