3D Laser-Etched PCD & CVD-D Chip Breaker Inserts Reduce Downtime


The stringy “birds nest” that forms around tools and work pieces when chips fail to break causes shortened tool life, broken tools, poor finishes and costly machine downtime. The problem is especially troubling when turning aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.

To combat this, Mastertech Diamond Products Co of Mentor, OH now offers customized laser-etched 3D chip breaker geometries cut into its PCD and CVD-D inserts and cutting tools.

Laser etching produces a much smoother surface than ground edges. This smoother edge minimizes build-up when machining soft materials. As a result, laser-etched 3D chip breaker inserts can last up to three times longer than conventional diamond tooling.

Each laser-etched chip breaker is specially designed to meet the cutting requirements of the application. Inserts are available for both roughing and finishing operations in all ANSI and ISO styles including square, triangle and round, as well as in 35, 55 and 80 degree geometries. Mastertech also manufactures special drills, reamers, milling cutters and form tools with or without lasered chip breakers.

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