4-Point™ PAT81KFT-18V Dieless Hydraulic Crimping Tool


FCI introduces its new PAT81KFT-18V 4-POINT™ battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool. The PAT81KFT-18V is ideally suited for use on copper, aluminum, compressed, compact, stranded, solid and flex conductors.

The PAT81KFT-18V incorporates a dieless latch head design, which eliminates the need to purchase and maintain dies. Providing a powerful 6 tons of crimping force, the PAT81KFT-18V is compact, fast, easy to use, and incorporates the latest in battery tool technology.

Featuring 360° head rotation, the PAT81KFT-18V is designed for easy use in virtually any position. The ergonomic design allows for one hand operation so that the other is free to position the connectors and conductor prior to crimping.

Other advanced features include an audible pressure “pop-off” valve and die embossment and advanced high speed pump design for faster crimps, longer life, efficiency, and reliability.

FCI’s PAT81KFT-18V comes complete with a high impact carrying case, battery charger, lanyard, two batteries and a 5-year limited warranty on the tool and a 1-year limited warranty on the batteries.

This crimping tool is UL listed and CSA certified with range taking capabilities when used in conjunction with BURNDY® HYLUGTM terminals and HYLINKTM splices.

About FCI
FCI is the fourth largest connector manufacturer in the world, and provides reliable connection systems and solutions to the telecommunications, data, industrial and instrumentation, energy, and automotive industries.

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