4-Way All-Optic Simplex Fiber Switch


Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, has just announced its new QuickSwitch“ Model 4294 4-Way All-Optic Simplex Fiber Switch with Threaded FC Connectors, 100/140 Graded Index Fiber, UPC. This QuickSwitch features optical scalability. M4294 is bit-rate and data transparent and service/protocol transparent. This switch has Switch Position Memory. When power is lost, the switch automatically changes to its default position and will continue to pass data. QuickSwitch“ 4294 remotely controllable FC Simplex A/B/C/D switch is designed with fiber optic mirror technology. The signal is received by the unit as an optical signal over the fiber strand, is redirected by mirror mechanisms, and leaves the unit as an optical signal over a fiber strand (OOO). The Model 4294 allows a fiber optic device connected to the unit’s FC Simplex COMMON connector to access any of the four fiber optic networks connected to the A, B, C, or D ports. Switch position can be changed via front-panel pushbuttons, or from an RS232 Serial Remote Port located on the rear panel.


• WAVELENGTH: Optimum at 1300 nm. • CONNECTORS: (5) FC Simplex Fiber Optic rear-panel connectors, A/B/C/D/COMMON. • CONTROLS: (1) Front-panel pushbutton selects A/B/C/D. • DISPLAY: (4) Front-panel red LEDs display switch position and power status. • POWER: UL approved, 120VAC / 60 Hz wall mount supply. • DIMENSIONS: 1.75" H x 8" D x 19 "W Fits standards 19: rack .
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