A total of 45 new DC electric motors for
battery-powered portable power equipment have been announced by Robert
Bosch LLC.
The new motors, based on existing power units already sold by Bosch in other
industries, claim to significantly expand the capabilities of DC electric motors
in large portable power equipment using batteries. Proven reliability and solid
price-performance relationships are also touted as advantages to the new
The motors are available in either 12V or 24V form in four of the five motor
“families” announced by Bosch. Weights in rugged cases range from 0.5-3.8kg
with up to 750W of power.
“The key factors in battery-powered equipment applications are extended
power cycles, with low to medium torque. These motors have been proven to
fulfill those requirements to the maximum,” declares Kenn Langosch, Sales
Manager for Industrial Motors for Bosch. “There are a host of potential
battery-powered applications, ranging from portable floor-cleaning equipment
to billboard rotators.”
The five motor “families” unveiled by Bosch include:
• CHP Family – 15 motors, 12/24V; nominal current 0.7-10A, nominal
power 12-53W, breakaway torque 3-30 Nm.
• CEP Family – Six motors, all 24V; nominal current 2.5-7A, nominal
power 10.5-26W, breakaway torque 20-40 Nm. The above two families
are suitable for a broad range of portable power equipment, including
power outriggers on private fishing boats.
• GPA Family – Eight motors, 12/24V; nominal current 14-75A, nominal
power 455-750W, breakaway torque 6.4-12Nm. These motors are
particularly well adapted to floor cleaning equipment and similar
• CPB Family – 10 motors, 12/24V; nominal current 2.5-13A, nominal
power 24-120W, breakaway torque 26-450Nm. Used in billboard
rotators and other portable applications.
•  FPG Family – Six motors, 12/24V; nominal current 3.5-9A, nominal
power 8.9-11.6W, breakaway torque 9-12.2Nm. Ideal for larger rotating
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