CR Magnetics, Inc. has introduced New Technology Current Transformers specifically designed for 5 Amp and 1 Amp secondary output current and power monitoring applications. New advanced materials combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and techniques has resulted in significantly improved performance and extremely fast production turn around of Commercial Class and Ansi Metering Class transformers. Major performance benefits are lower losses, improved lifetime durability, increased ruggedness and heat capacity. The New Technology CR Magnetics Current Transformers will perform in a wide variety of applications including Energy Management, Ammeters, Watt/VAR/Watthour Transducers and Current Sensing Relays. The Ansi Metering Class Transformers are intended for power monitoring applications where high accuracy and minimum phase angle error is required. They are available in the traditional industry standard styles with Current Ratios of: CR2 Series – 50:5 thru 300:5, CR5 Series – 50:5 thru 1200:5, CR5A Series – 50:5 thru 1200:5 and CR6A Series – 100:5 thru 1500:5. Custom styles can be provided. The New Technology CR Magnetics 5 Amp Current Transformers have window openings of: 1.13”, 1.56”, and 2.06” dia. Circular casing sizes range from: 1.75” W x 2.47” H. to 1.10” W x 1.75” H. Square casing sizes range from: 2.40” L x 2.03” W x 2.69” H to 4.080” L x 2.10” W x 4.653” H. Mounting Styles are: RL, SFT and SFL for common breaker and panel mounted styles. Custom wire lead colors are available as well as custom terminations including Military Connectors, Ring Terminators and Quick-Connects. The products are RoHS Compliant and meet UL, CE and CSA requirements.
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