5-Axis Retrofitable Flexible Pallet System


Wait no longer! New Automatic Flexible Pallet System, now available from MIDACO Corporation, is designed to increase productivity at most 5-axis vertical and or 400 mm horizontal machining centers.

Adaptable to new or existing machines, these systems allow unattended, automatic exchange of pallets in only seconds. It modular design can retrofits virtually all machines, including those with a built in trunion type table and can maximizing both productivity and operator safety.

Standard system includes 4 pallet stations, one rotating pallet set-up station, a linear guided automated pallet delivery system, state-of-the-art touch screen system controller and four (4) each 20” (500 mm) diameter cast iron or aluminum pallets. MIDACO’s pallet “receiver” uses a patented mechanical clamping system that does not require air, power or hydraulics lines making it adaptable to a variety of applications.

Designed to be field retrofit able, these flexible systems adapt to most 5-axis machines. The modular design allows the systems flexibility to be increased in 2-pallet increments. Additional machines can be integrated into the system at any time.

An accuracy of +/- .0001” (+/- .0025mm) and a pallet clamping force of 21,060 lbs (9477 kg) assures reliable performance.

These systems and MIDACO’s full line of pallet changers up to 120” x 40” ( 3048 mm x 1016 mm), Auto Door System and productivity accessories are USA made and thoroughly tested to provide years of reliable service.
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