5-slot VPX Backplane Compliant to VITA 46 Specification


Elma Bustronic Corporation, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high performance backplanes has developed a new 5-slot VPX backplane. The 5-slot VPX features a mesh topology with a theoretical slot-to-slot bandwidth of over 5,000 Mbytes/sec. The backplane was designed with a 20-layer controlled-impedance stripline design. To ensure optimal performance, signal integrity analysis was performed on the backplane. Elma Bustronic fabricated the backplane with the higher grade material commercial FR408. This allows excellent performance even at high signal frequencies.


• 6U height • 7 slots (5 VPX, 2 VME64x), 7 slots (14 VPX, 3 VME64x) • 16 layers, stripline design • 2 oz. copper power and ground • PCB FR-4 or equivalent • PCB .220” thick for 17-slot, .213” thick for 7 slotMulti-Gig RT-2 7-row P0 connectors
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