50th Anniversary


LPS is pleased to announce that we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. In 1961, our now famous, LPS® 1 Greaseless Lubricant was introduced. In response to the tremendous success of LPS® 1, LPS 2® Industrial Strength Lubricant and LPS 3® Heavy-Duty Rust Inhibitor were introduced shortly thereafter. To honor this historic achievement, we have designed a limited edition of United States LPS 1, LPS 2, and LPS 3 aerosol cans with a “retro” look very similar to the design of the cans in the early 1960s. These cans will be produced throughout 2011 to commemorate our 50th anniversary.
You may rest assured that even though the can designs have changed, there has been no change in the chemical composition of LPS 1, LPS 2, and LPS 3. Also, the part numbers have stayed the same. We will be advertising our 50th anniversary in trade publications and we will offer promotional giveaways from January 2011 – June 2011.
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