Watson-Marlow Bredel, the leading manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, has launched the rugged 520RE peristaltic pump for chemical injection applications.  The combination of the tube elements and pumphead design allows the 520RE to be utilized in applications requiring accurate metering, dosing and transferring.
Municipal and environmental process users now have the functionality and reliability of the best-selling 520 metering pumps with expanded pressure capability. The 520 Series pumps with patented LoadSure® elements offer flows from 5 GPH at 30 psi to 7 GPH at 100 psi.  

Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps contain fluids within the tube at all times, never allowing the fluid to come into contact with the pump mechanism.   Entrained gas is pumped with ease, plus corrosion and damage is restricted to the consumable tubing element.  This helps provide predictable life costs for the pump, as the tube is the only part that will need replacing.

The 520RE comes equipped with Watson-Marlow Bredel’s standard five-year warranty, which covers everything except misuse of the pump and consumable items by the consumer, and offers free-of-charge repair or replacement. 

Every Watson-Marlow Bredel peristaltic pump is an inherent metering pump with repeatability at 99.5 percent. These self-priming pumps accommodate flow rates from 0.1 microliter to 350 gpm and are extremely durable, withstanding pressures up to 232 psi.

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