5S Marking Supplies


Designed to help lean manufacturers organize the workplace, control space usage, and manage inventory and tools, Brady’s 5S Marking Supplies are an effective solution for marking the location of items on tool boards, workbenches, storage shelves, job staging areas, desktops and more. 5S Markings improve space utilization, tool control and inventory management
Lean manufacturers around the world have implemented a methodology for workplace organization called 5S to help them eliminate waste, improve work flow and reduce downtime at their facilities. 5S uses border lines and ID labels to clearly identify proper storage locations for every item in the work environment. If every tool has a designated location, employees waste less time looking for misplaced items and it is visibly obvious when a tool is missing from its assigned location. 5S markings can also be used to indicate maximum stocking quantities, signaling when to reorder, and thereby providing enhanced inventory control.
Numerous 5S marking products exist for designating locations on the shop floor, but until Brady’s 5S Marking Supplies, there were very few products available for marking the locations of hand and power tools, oil cans, parts bins, clipboards, boxes and other items that are stored above the floor level of the facility. As a result, manufacturers had to mark these spaces with temporary, makeshift solutions like electrical tape, masking tape, or magic markers. Brady’s new 5S Marking Supplies give manufacturers a more permanent, durable solution that is professional-looking, easy to apply and adaptable for a variety of applications.
5S Markings for use on tool boards, workbenches, desks, and more
Available in continuous rolls and die-cut shapes, 5S Marking Supplies allow manufacturers to quickly apply borders, corner marks and outline silhouettes (or shadows) to a wide variety of surfaces. Rolls of ¼- or ½-inch wide tape are available for marking off square and rectangular borders.  Alternatively, L- and T-shaped corner markers are offered for situations where a full outline is not needed. 12”-wide rolls of vinyl are also provided for cutting out shadows that show the shape of the object – making it easy to determine missing items at a glance.
Made of .125 mm vinyl with industrial-grade adhesive backing, Brady’s 5S Marking Supplies are designed to resist scratching and abrasion and can last up to two to four years in outdoor use.  They are easy to apply and do not peel, crack or fade when exposed to cleansers or solvents. The marking supplies stick to a wide range of surfaces, including contoured and textured surfaces, metal, plastic, glass and wood, and are available in yellow, black, red, blue and green.
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