6-Axis Precision Stage & Controller for Nano-Alignment


Improved F-206.S, 6-axis nano-alignment system provides high resolution 6D motion, a user programmable pivot point and powerful alignment software at a very competitive price. Typical Applications Nanomanipulation (Life Sciences), Nanotechnology, MEMS Alignment, Micro-Machining, Photonics Alignment & Packaging, Collimator / Array Alignment, Optical Device Testing, Semiconductor Handling Systems, Microsurgery, Features & Advantages Compact, Six-Axis Parallel-Kinematics Nano-Alignment System Only one Common Moving Platform: Lower Inertia, Faster Response & Settling Programmable Pivot Point: Fully Virtualized Center of Rotation Powerful 6-Axis-Digital Controller with Alignment Routines & LabView™ Drivers: Significantly Reduces User’s Programming Efforts Very Precise: Backlash-Free Flexure Joints, 0.033 µm Actuator Resolution No Moving Cables: Reduced Friction, Improved Reliability, Easy Integration How does is the F-206 Differ from other Positioning & Alignment Systems? The "parallel-kinematics" design with backlash-free flexure joints, a virtual pivot point and vector-based 6D motion-controller is what sets the F-206.S system apart from conventional "stacked” positioning tables. Due to the reduced moving mass (only one light-weighted common platform for all 6 actuators) the system can respond and settle much faster than conventional multi-axis motion systems. It is also considerably more compact and accurate than multi-axis stage stacks (serial kinematics). Its parallel-kinematics design and specialized digital 6D Hexapod controller minimizes unwanted crosstalk motion. The F-206.S hexapod comes with powerful alignment software, LabView™ drivers and DLLs. Superior Flexibility Due to Programmable Virtual Pivot Point The superior flexibility of the Micro-Hexapod is based on the virtual-pivot-point capability provided by its industry-class 6-degree of freedom controller. Since Hexapod motion is not determined by fixed bearings but rather by sophisticated, real-time, 6-space control algorithms, this point can be chosen freely with a single software command — a prerequisite for fast and accurate alignment tasks. Automatic Optical Alignment With an optional photometer card and powerful alignment software, the F-206.S aligns arrays, waveguides & collimators up to 10 times faster than conventional systems. About PI


• Travel range X* - -8 to +5.7 mm • Travel range Y* - ±5.7 mm • Travel range Z* - ±6.7 mm • Travel range X * - ±5.7° • Travel range Y * - ±6.6° • Travel range Z * - ±5.5° • Actuator resolution - 33 nm • . Minimum incremental motion X, Y, Z** - 0.1 µm (6-axis move!) • Minimum incremental motion X, Y, Z** - 2 µrad (0,4“) (6-axis move!) • Bidirectional repeatability X, Y, Z - 0.3 µm • Bidirectional repeatability X, Y, Z - 3.6 µrad • Speed X, Y, Z - 0.01 to 10 mm/s • Maximum load in Z - 2 kg (centered on platform) • Mass - 5.8 kg • Operating voltage - 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
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