6” OD High Purity and Ultra High Purity Tubing


RathGibson, a leading manufacturer of welded, welded and drawn, and seamless stainless steel, nickel, and titanium tubing and pipe, offers 6" OD tubing for high purity and ultra high purity applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries.
RathGibson’s 6" OD product line includes both SFT1 and SFT4 finishes that fulfill the stringent ASME BPE and ASTM A270 S2 specifications. Crafted with 316L stainless steel, RathGibson’s 6" OD tubing is bore scoped and polished to minimize surface anomalies and reduce corrosion and pathogen contamination.
Mechanically polished with RathGibson’s proprietary finishing processes, the 6" OD High Purity Stainless Steel tubing is SFT1 finished with 20 µ-in Ra (0.5 µm) ID maximum and 30 µ-in Ra (0.8 µm) OD maximum. To maintain high purity, the tubing is packaged with plastic end caps in 2 mil poly sleeving which is boxed in heavy wall cardboard sleeves.
For their Ultra High Purity tubing, RathGibson electropolishes its 6" OD tubing to a SFT4 finish with a 15 µ-in Ra (0.4 µm) ID maximum and 30 µ-in Ra (0.8 µm) OD maximum. Before being placed in heavy wall cardboard sleeves for shipment, RathGibson’s Ultra High Purity 6" OD tubing is processed in an ISO Class 5 Cleanroom to insure airborne particles 0.5 micron or larger are not present.
“Our 6" High Purity and Ultra High Purity tubing is ideally suited for pharma and biotech applications,” said Paul Sedivy, Director – High Purity Products. “The weld formed by our proprietary process withstands the toughest treatment, as evidenced by the results garnered from the full range of testing performed on each tube.”
Sedivy adds, “Because our 6” OD High Purity and Ultra High Purity tubing is meticulously manufactured, our customers can be assured of consistently high quality products to meet their most demanding applications.”
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