8000 Series Rugged Switch Joysticks


APEM Components, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality miniature and industrial switches, is pleased to announce the release of its switch based, ruggedized joysticks. APEM's 8000 Series Joysticks operate using snap acting switch technology offering one or two axis control with single step or progressive switching.

The 8000 series features micro switches with normally open and closed contacts in single and double-pole configurations. This product is offered with gold plated contacts for high reliability switching at low current levels. All products are supplied with 150 mm long, twisted wires with tinned ends. Custom wire and connector assemblies are available upon request.

The 8000 series joysticks are self-centering and require a force of 1.3N to move from center. Higher and lower force options are also available. These joysticks are sealed to IP65 above the panel and can be drop-in mounted or assembled from behind the panel.

Typical applications include camera controls, quality control equipment, gaming/arcades, medical equipment, CCTV systems, and wireless controls for cranes, heavy machinery and various field operations.
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