800FD™ 22.5 mm Monolithic Push Button Devices


With the latest line extension from Allen-Bradley® push buttons, OEMs and end users can save money and time. The Bulletin 800FD™ 22.5 mm Monolithic Push Button devices include pilot light and E-stop devices. To save time, the new devices come fully assembled and can be quickly installed – or removed – by a single worker.

The line extension is compatible with all 800F accessories which saves money because there is no need to replace current fittings, lights or enclosures. Also, Bulletin 800FD push button E-stops incorporate two products into one with push-pull and twist-to-release features in a single operator which reduces the number of products that need to be stocked.

Several features of the 800FD product extension meet and exceed IEC global standards. Devices have silver-nickel contacts that improve electrical durability. Each device has a leakage current tolerance up to 3 mA for compatibility with programmable controller output modules; each operator also has a low back-of-panel profile, about 45.7 mm.

800FD operators also have device-specific features. The E-stop operator features a combination of push-pull and twist-to-release functions, as well as a trigger action anti-tease to ensure the E-stop command will disengage equipment. Pilot lights are capable of tolerating a leakage current of up to 3 mA, and the pilot light lenses are optically enhanced for better visibility in direct sunlight. All the 800FD devices can be offered with the ring lug capability. The 800FD operators are aesthetically designed to complement the Bulletin 800F modular line.

As part of the Essential Components offering from Rockwell Automation, the 800FD devices can be ordered though local Allen-Bradley distributors.
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