92% Efficient Commercial Air Handling Unit


The new Reznor Model SHH is the first commercial air handling unit that features up to 92% fuel efficiency – the highest available. Compare this to conventional units which could consume up to 15% more fuel for the same amount of heat.

This is the latest development from a company with a tradition of high efficiency and specialized products. Reznor Model SHH, featuring the TCORE3™ heat exchanger, is the latest generation in a series of 90%+plus efficient heaters first introduced 20 years ago. But, what else would you expect from a company with a legacy of 120 years in the HVAC industry. As a matter of fact, it is the oldest and largest manufacturer of commercial/industrial space heating equipment in the world.

If your attention is on fuel efficiency, low emissions, reducing carbon footprints and low environmental impacts, the Reznor Model SHH has more to offer – unparalleled in performance and unequaled in quality and value.


• Input Heating Capacity - 345,000 btuh • Output Heating Capacity - 101.0 kw/h • Minimum Temperature Rise - 313,950 btuh • Maximum Temperature Rise - 44 (24.4) °F (°C) • Minimum Mixed Air Conditions - 75 (41.7) °F (°C) • Vent Connection – 4” • Combustion Air Connectio – 6” • Maximum Vent Length – 40 feet • Gas Connection – ¾” • Ship Weight (basic unit only; add module wts) – 1186 lbs • Net Weight (basic unit only; add module wts) – 403 kg
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