9500 Series of Pneumatic Swing Clamps


DE-STA-CO’s new series of pneumatic swing clamps is ideal for installations where hydraulic power is not suitable. Equipped with sensing capability that allows for precise control and monitoring of the clamping position, the 9500 series exerts a clamping force ranging from 41 lbs. to 212 lbs. without deforming delicate parts.

Ideal for harsh application environments due to its fully enclosed design, the 9500 series is also well suited for secondary manufacturing operations and is uniquely adaptable to welding and assembly operations. DE-STA-CO designed the series to allow for both fixed and radially adjustable arm connections. The 90° swing of the clamping arm minimizes obstruction in the workplace and reduces cycle time through easy loading and unloading of parts.

The 9500 series was designed to eliminate linear travel during rotation and features a no backlash option for precise repeatability, as well as fixed orifice porting to eliminate the need for flow controls. Additionally, the clamps are designed with a piston rod that is supported at both ends of the shaft and switch grooves for either ø 4 mm or 6 x 5 mm switches.

The clamps’ improved design features a block-style mounting body with multiple mounting options that allow the clamp to be adaptable to the specifications of individual fixtures with minimal installation time.

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