ABI Power Tower


ABI Power Tower micro welder utilizes a capacitor stored high energy pulse arc which mimics the more expensive laser micro welders. Power Tower features 5 positions weld energy selection, 3 position Time Phazer Switch, variable DC voltage control (12 to 90 range) w/ volt meter. On demand single pulse foot switch control or switch to Auto Pulse @ 1 to 3 pulse welds per second. The Power Tower is replete with internal / external inert argon gas regulator w/ gauges.

Very unique Power Tower contains Tack, Spot and Fusion resistance micro welding modes by a switch, operators choice.

Essentially a 4 in 1 welding power supply for micro welding of similar or dissimilar alloys, including most base metals. Shipped as a package which includes 5 different size weld tips, 4 different diameters electrodes, hand held weld tools of every description and features an Opti-Saver magnifier w/self-darkening flash shield.


• Power Supply: Stored Energy Type with 8 position selection 500 to 47,000 mfd • Plus Phazer Induction Switch • Watt Seconds: approx. 120 (Joules) • DC Volt output: 12 to 90 Potentiometer Variable • 3 Weld Cycles per Second • Auto Polse or Foot Switch on Demand • AC Input: 100/115/208/220 volt 1 phase, 50-60 Hz. • Size: 6 ¼” * 12 9/16” D* 14 3/16” H • Weight 33lbs. plus accessories
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