Absolute Magnetic Kit Encoder


The MAE3 is a miniature absolute magnetic kit encoder that provides shaft position information over 360° of rotation with no stops or gaps. This magnetic encoder is designed to easily mount to and dismount from an existing shaft to provide digital feedback information.

The MAE3 is available in two output versions, analog and pulse width modulation (PWM). The analog version outputs a voltage that is proportional to the absolute shaft position. PWM output is available in 10-bit (1024 positions) and 12-bit (4096 positions) resolutions and outputs a variable pulse width proportional to the shaft position.

Absolute encoders have traditionally been larger, more expensive, and more complex than incremental encoders. In contrast, the small size, low cost ($49.00 / 1 piece price, $18.48 / 100 piece price), and simplicity of the MAE3 now provides absolute position feedback for a new spectrum of applications that would otherwise be impractical.

Typical applications for the MAE3 include motor position sensor, camera pan-tilt position sensor, rotary valve position sensor, air duct damper position sensor and studio lighting position sensor.

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