Absolute Rotary Encoders


POSITAL's OPTOCODE absolute rotary encoders are available with full support for DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP interface standards. This ensures that these devices can be readily integrated into control systems based on Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley and Schneider PLC’s, providing cost-effective solutions in areas as diverse as robotic cells, packaging machinery and baggage handling systems. OPTOCODE encoders are programmable in compliance with CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) specifications. Signal and power connections are via robust M12 Micro-Style connectors to ensure reliability in harsh factory or plant environments.
OPTOCODE encoders combine precision (up to 216 steps per turn), durability and outstanding versatility. A wide range of mechanical and electronic configurations are available, including single- and multi-turn versions (up to 16,384 rotations). Other options include multiple flange and shaft configurations and a variety of casing materials, ranging from low-cost aluminum to rugged stainless steel.


  • readily integrated into control systems
  • up to 216 steps per turn
  • multiple flange and shaft configurations