Absorbent Safety Mat


Brady announces the addition of a new high visibility safety mat to its SPC line of products. This highly absorbent safety mat is for all-purpose industrial applications and its yellow caution color and printed message visually warn workers of potential risks. “With fall protection as the number-one OSHA cited violation in 2013, reducing the number of slips, trips and falls is an essential priority for many facilities,” says Carlo Emanuele, global product manager for absorbents and spill control for Brady.

“Our new high visibility safety mats act as both a hazard alert sign and an absorbent. By incorporating warnings and messages right at the point of a leak, drip or spill, workers can easily identify the risk and use caution. This approach helps significantly reduce the threat of slips, trips and falls in the workplace, leading to improved OSHA compliance and employee safety.” Along with the added element of hazard symbols printed on the mat, Brady SPC’s high visibility safety mat comes with the same high absorbency and durability that spans all SPC absorbents. The mat uses a three-ply SMM construction (spunbound coverstock with two layers of meltblown polypropylene) with a low linting material that will not react to aggressive fluids. To improve safety and easy separation of hazardous waste, the mats are color-coded for hazardous chemicals or all-purpose fluids.


  • yellow caution color
  • three-ply SMM construction
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