AC Line Regenerative System


Magnetek, Inc. announces the addition of the IMPULSE®•D+ to their high performance series of AC Line Regenerative Systems. Magnetek’s state-of-the-art AC Line Regeneration units capture surplus regenerative energy from the motor that would normally be expended by resistors and return it to the AC power source, reducing total energy consumption and creating industry leading gains in energy efficiency.  

In addition, Magnetek’s AC Line Regeneration units eliminate the wiring and maintenance generally associated with traditional dynamic braking resistors and provide an initial investment “payback” that can be seen in the first year of service—reducing the burden of soaring energy prices. The new IMPULSE•D+ is an Active Front End (AFE) Regeneration Unit in a chassis drive layout designed to significantly reduce line harmonics below IEEE 519 requirements while regulating a consistent DC bus voltage. The unit’s 230V class is rated from 5-150HP while the 460V class is rated up to 450HP. The IMPULSE•D+ meets the dynamic needs of today’s overhead crane systems while providing industry leading efficiency gains of 40-45%.  

It is ideal for applications that include a high demand braking cycle, adjustable speed applications and operations in less than optimal environments. The IMPULSE·D+ joins the line of AC Line Regeneration products already introduced, which includes the IMPULSE•R , available with ratings from 5-100 HP, and the IMPULSE•D+ HHP, whose modular, regenerative inverter platform is suitable for uses up to 1,500 HP.  All three units, IMPULSE•D+, IMPULSE•D+ HHP, and IMPULSE•R, can be easily integrated with the company’s IMPULSE•G+ or VG+ Series 3 or Series 4 adjustable frequency drives and sized to fit the expected regenerative need.  


  • captures surplus regenerative energy
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