AC Powered Forklifts


New Big Joe AC powered forklifts introduced July 15, 2010 – Lombard, IL. The Big Lift LLC / EP Group recently announced the successful launch of their new AC powered Big Joe forklift models the PDS-20 and PDS-25. The new products represent the first of up to sixteen new electric forklifts planned to be released by the company over the next few years. Featuring heavy duty I-beam mast construction and enhanced ergonomics the PDS walk behind forklifts are well suited for a wide variety of material handling and work positioning tasks. “From the start, these new vehicles have been designed to be easy to use and maintain while incorporating the latest in electrical technologies,” explains Bill Pedriana, the Director of Sales for Big Lift LLC. “Reliability, durability, and productivity are all crucial in this competitive category of industrial trucks. With the PDS we wanted to not only deliver a rugged truck like those the Big Joe brand is known for, but use technology in order to provide the best price-to-performance value in our industry.” The PDS trucks with AC drive motors, deliver longer run time, faster operating speeds and more flexibility than previous models - all at a lower price. With these characteristics the company hopes to draw the attention of large box retailers and manufacturers alike looking to reduce costs and ramp-up productivity. While capable of quick performance the PDS-20 and PDS-25 can also navigate exceptionally well in tight areas due to a “creep speed” feature that allows for precise handling. This gives operators a significant amount of control which enhances safety and reduces potential for product damage during operation. Additional productivity advantages come in the form of power efficiency and programmability. Powered by either four maintenance-free, 6 volt gel batteries or an industrial 12-85-7 battery, the PDS trucks offer a duty cycle some 40% longer than their predecessors. Add to that the ability to adjust all of the trucks functions through the use of an available handset, and the PDS can be tailored to a specific use or user to maximize the trucks fitness for the task at hand.
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