AC500-eCo: your cost-effective entry to the AC500 PLC family


In modern industrial automation applications, small PLC
solutions are often an ideal solution, particularly within standalone environments. With the
introduction of the AC500-eCo, ABB has added a great product to the AC500 family, which is
extremely cost-effective in smaller projects. The AC500-eCo has
been designed to enhance the flexible and scalable concept of the
AC500 PLC range. Included within the AC500-eCo package is a
comprehensive range of communication options, which are rarely
provided in such products including the Modbus master/slave or
the CS31. A second serial interface and an SD card interface are
also available. A Real Time Clock is optional.
The new AC500-eCo includes integrated digital and analog inputs
and outputs on-board the CPU, which can support up to seven
S500 I/O expansion modules. A secure connection to the system
bus is established using sturdy, laterally integrated plugs.
The new S500-eCo range significantly enhances the existing range
offering more flexibility and scalable features including 14 new slim
format I/O modules, which integrate seamlessly with the existing AC500 range. This powerful,
compact, and cost efficient control system is suited to applications within most markets
including: textiles, food & beverage, building management, material handling, transportation,
traditional & alternate energy, and environmental control systems.
A major AC500-eCo system feature, apart from its absolute inter-operability with the existing
AC500 range, is that the AC500-eCo is configured and programmed using the same PS501
Control Builder programming software, which complies with the EN 61131-3 standard. This
includes the five programming languages, thus delivering a single, simple, and integrated
software platform to our customers. PS501 software includes extensive simulation,
diagnostics, and integrated visualization.
The AC500 concept is a unique example of a flexible, future-oriented, automation platform.
The simple system structure, standardized interfaces, and programming environment allow
quick and easy configuration.

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