Accu-Lube® Stick Lubricant Environmentally-Friendly Stick Lubricant


Accu-Lube® Stick lubricant is a unique environmentally safe natural-based lubricant stick. It is a ready-to-use stick that is applied to the tool before start-up. Accu-Lube® Stick is a natural lubricant in a convenient stick form that can be used on grinding wheels to allow them to cut freely and improve wheel life. Accu-Lube Stick is excellent for belt grinding applications, giving better finishes and increased belt life. It can also be used on saw blades to improve blade life. The environmentally safe system reduces heat build-up in belt, disc or wheel grinding operations. It’s safe for all metals including aluminum.

Accu-Lube® Stick does not need to be diluted with any other material and is safe for all types of metals. This blue solid stick is a neutral product that does not cause contamination or discoloration of products. Since it is biodegradable, non-toxic and naturally consumed in the process, the need for clean-up and disposal is eliminated.
Accu-Lube® Stick lubricants is available in a 2.2 oz. push-up stick container or a 13oz tube.

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