AccuNip® nip stations


ustom-engineered AccuNip® nip stations from PFE Rolls, Inc. can be configured for a wide range of uses in the converting industry, including laminating, thermal bonding, web heating/cooling, and web pulling and squeezing. Available in welded steel, cast-iron, or lightweight aluminum frames, AccuNip stations are designed for nip pressures up to 22,000 pounds. These versatile stations can be configured vertically or horizontally and customized with doctor blades, dual-roll gear drives, heating or cooling rolls, and adjustable nip pressures and gaps. AccuNip stations are used in many unique applications, such as profiling plastic lumber extrusions, squeezing liquids out of textiles, perforating materials such as leather, and squeezing resin into carbon fiber matting for aerospace applications.
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