AccuSense F333 Low Cost, Configurable Air Velocity Sensor for Embedded Applications


Degree Controls, Inc. of Milford, New Hampshire, is pleased to announce the availability of the AccuSense F333 air velocity sensor for embedded applications.
Utilizing state-of-the-art constant deltaT architecture, the AccuSense F333 is a series of low cost airflow sensors designed for field systems.  Manufactured with RoHS compliant, rugged construction, the AccuSense F333 is a compact sensor aimed at ducting applications, fume hoods, and biological safety cabinets.  Additional applications include industrial process equipment and packaged electronics such as data communications chassis and rack equipment.
The AccuSense F333 provides air velocity measurements within the range of 0.2 m/s to 10 m/s (40-2000 fpm) while maintaining better than ±10% accuracy across a temperature range of 15°C to 60°C with a 2% or better repeatability of reading.  Accuracy is further improved as the user constrains the operating temperature range.
With a user configurable, linear voltage output including 0-5V or 0-10V, the user can easily integrate the sensor into a control system, instrument panel or interface to other equipment management devices.  A dedicated open drain alarm pin is available and offers fully configurable temperature-based or velocity-based set points.  The AccuSense F333 provides a UART or I2C interface for the user to access specific memory locations for more complex algorithms and equipment implementations.  
Sophisticated users leverage the customized outputs, such as PWM, where the signal can be used to directly speed control a DC fan.

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