Acheson's Aerodag® CERAMISHIELD™ Helps Welders Boost Productivity, Reduce Costs


Acheson has introduced Aerodag® CERAMISHIELD™, a new generation ceramic dry film protective coating for all MIG/MAG welding processes that brings new benefits to welders.

Unlike traditional "anti-spatter" products, which only protect the item being welded, Aerodag CERAMISHIELD also protects the valuable welding equipment. Just one application of Aerodag CERAMISHIELD before a typical eight-hour shift will help save time, improve productivity and reduce costs. The product has been shown to increase productivity by 5 to 10 percent, reduce consumable costs by 70 percent and eliminate capital cleaning equipment costs.

Aerodag CERAMISHIELD provides significant productivity and cost benefits in several areas. The product is extremely cost-effective in manual MIG/MAG welding operations and eliminates reaming requirements in robot MIG/MAG welding operations. In jigs, fixtures and fittings applications, operators can weld for several days without reapplying the protective coating. In laser and plasma cutting machine applications, the product eliminates expensive shroud replacement costs.

Acheson is offering welding operations full demonstrations of Aerodag CERAMISHIELD through its Acheson offices and local distributors. Demonstrations show how to apply the new generation ceramic dry film coating and includes a simple-to-use cost saving/revenue generation calculator. A full test performance report from U.K.-based TWI Ltd., one of the world's foremost independent research and technology organizations, is also available upon request.
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